Promoting on Instagram

Personally I believe the two most powerful platforms to promote on are Instagram and Snapchat. In this article I will be showing you how to promote on Instagram and get your first sale! There are many ways to promote on Instagram. From Instagram stories to a simple pop tag on a photo. Here I'll show you a couple of different ways.

Before promoting anything on Instagram you have to direct your followers somewhere. That's where you Instagram bio comes in handy. Look at this example from Beyonce. 😜

Now we all know Bey is the queen, but she made a small mistake here. She didn't put her discount code in her bio. Now there will be no way for us to track her sales. What she should've said is "Shop 4 The Cutest Clothes! Link in Bio! Use Discount code "Bey" For $$ Off! #BossBabe." Now that your profile is setup you can start to promote.

Now it's time to get your first sale, here's how most of our models do it. Usually #BossBabes get their first sale through a simple caption promotion. What you do is post a picture of your beautiful self slaying. Then in the caption you would say something like, "Go check out the link in my bio for the cutest clothes, and use my discount code "bey" for money off! 💖"  

Andddd of course, once again Beyonce forgot to give her followers the discount code. She'll eventually learn from her mistakes. 😫 

Usually it helps to add a simple poptag, what's a poptag?


That my friend, is a poptag. (I'm so dramatic)

Now some models don't like adding a link in their bio, and that's fine. You can send you followers over our official Instagram @BabeCloset and in the caption of you photo tell them to use your discount code. This method gets less results so having a link in your bio is recommended, but not mandatory.

You could also promote on Instagram stories, endless possibilities. After you follow these steps you should've gotten your first sale by now. 

What's next? Well now you receive clothes to promote, and when you promote those clothes you get more sales, and receive more clothes, and even money if your in the top five! 😜 And the cycle continues. Much love 💖